Laser equipment consumables

China source factory

Same product batch prices can achieve the lowest in the world

Direct supply from manufacturers

Refusing traders to profit from price differences

Direct sales from the original factory, with a monthly production capacity of 3000000 pieces.

Do you still purchase from Chinese traders every time? Sorry, the bulk purchase price from our source manufacturer is lower. Don't worry, I will announce the retail price next.

Usually, our daily shipment quantity in China is around 100000 pieces, and we do not sell them through B2C or online shopping platforms.

Here is our basic retail price. If this price doesn't impress you, I'm sorry. Please bring the quantity you need and let me know. I will give you a sincere answer.

Now we hope to directly export to overseas markets. We want to cooperate in Vietnam and India. If you have local resources, please contact me. We can act as our traders and make money together.

For the source manufacturer, we don't need flashy website layouts. Price, quality, and cost advantages are the first factors we consider. So, have we learned the difference between us and traders through price and website layout?

Please contact us as soon as possible. Our quota for foreign agents is limited

In addition, we also have a large amount of resources in the Chinese laser industry. If you would like to know the source price of laser products, please contact me

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+86 17751714968


+86 17751714968